Section 183(2) of the FLA authorizes the court to make a protection order if family violence is likely to occur (or reoccur).

Section 184(1) obliges the court to consider the following risk-factors: (a) any history of family violence by the family member against whom the order is to be made; (b) whether family violence is repetitive or escalating; (c) whether any psychological or emotional abuse constitutes, or is evidence of, a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour directed at the at-risk family member; (d) the current status of the relationship, including any recent separation or intention to separate; (e) any circumstance of the family member against whom the order is to be made that may increase the risk of family violence by that family member, including substance abuse, employment or financial problems, mental health problems associated with a risk of violence, access to weapons, or a history of violence; (f) the at-risk family member’s perception of risks to his or her own safety and security; (g) any circumstance that may increase the at-risk family member’s vulnerability, including pregnancy, age, family circumstances, health or economic dependence.

Section 186 (1) permits a person to apply for a protection order without notice to the other party. This section enables a person who is fearful of their partner to obtain a protection order before the other party even knows the application is started.