3 03, 2017

The Family Jewels

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"Sentimental valuation can lead people to grossly overvalue a piece of property in the possession of the other party." Read more about the family jewels!

19 02, 2017

Thakkar-Manek Syndrome: When divorcing spouses have wildly different views of family wealth

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Ashish Thakkar, 35, has been referred to as “Africa’s youngest billionaire”, and is internationally known as a successful business tycoon. So in their divorce proceedings, his 32-year-old estranged wife, Meera Manek, naturally decided that she wanted a piece of the family pie. Thakkar’s response to her was that he isn’t a billionaire at all, but

26 08, 2016

The Case of the Child Called X: A Guide to Parental Alienation

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The mother of the 16-year-old child, referred to as “X”, alleged that the father was alienating X from her. The judge heard evidence from five experts. Dr. Amy Baker The court accepted the following theories of Dr. Baker: An “alienated child” unjustifiably rejects the “disfavoured parent” and aligns with the “favoured parent”. There are five factors

26 08, 2016

Bad Call: Do Judges Misjudge?

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Tennis Line Judges are wrong on 10% of Close Calls “ ‘A certain number of errors are inevitable,’ says George Mather, a psychologist at the University of Sussex, UK, who analysed wrong calls in professional tennis tournaments with a mathematical model of human perception. ‘Even the best line judges are always going to make a few

26 08, 2016

Abuser v. Liar

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I read an article by Tom Leonard called: Who's telling the truth in Hollywood's most vicious divorce? She says he's a drug-addled abuser; he says she's a gold-digging liar. So what's the real story between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp? Though it’s an unruly title, it does reflect an unfortunate dynamic in divorce courts. Never

12 08, 2016

Zero to Half in Under 150 Years: The Rise of “Family Property” in BC

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No Meaningful Ownership for Married Women Our family property law comes from the English tradition, where prior to 1870, a married woman could not own any property, including land, money or objects. Anything she owned transferred to her husband upon marriage. (She could retain title to her real estate after marriage, but her husband had

12 08, 2016

The Rules of Disengagement

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Dealing with family breakdown can be like trying to put Europe back together after WWII. To ensure that getting your order for divorce, property division, parenting arrangements and/or support costs you less than the treaty-making process after a world war, turn to family and friends, counsellors, and spiritual advisers, and most of all turn inward

12 08, 2016

Is Doggie Divisible?

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When your household breaks up, what happens to the animals that share your home? To many people, a beloved cat or dog is practically no different than a person, and the thought of treating one like a lamp, couch or other chattel is just offensive. To some parting couples, the pets are their children. Though